Monday, 22 September 2014

Sunday and Monday's notes

1 The grandkidlets and I spend the afternoon together. First it's a trip to Costco, followed by a visit to the hospital to visit some of the girls I work with, then home to play and read and finally to snuggle and sleep.
2 He loves mac and cheese and she's hooked on fish (she thinks it's tuna and there's no convincing her otherwise!)
3 She comes this close to a melt down, then pulls it together and manages to settle herself.
4 It's a wet and cool day so what better way to play than to get out the big blue and white umbrella and make a tent!
5 She loves that umbrella and the fact that she's able to walk around the deck and stay dry! She must have gone back and forth at least 15 times!
6 I picked up a shift at the switchboard and it feels great being back to it after a few weeks at another job.

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