Saturday, 27 September 2014

move on, sleepover, and i love it

1 There comes a point when you have to move on. Despite the fact that it's what you imagine it might be, the reality of what actually is has to get acknowledged and accepted. At some point you have to just live your life, just live.
2 The grandkidlets are here for a sleepover. It's story time and they're eager to get into their bed in their room. She stirs for a bit and after I sing the song a couple of times she's sleeping. He is still awake when I leave the room but comfy and ready for sleep too. I check on them after a few minutes and they're both asleep, back to back. I bet by morning they'll be foot to foot or side by side again.
3 My hair is perfect! I went back to get a few more foils and it's exactly what I wanted and he says he knew it too! My hairdresser is amazing and I'm more than pleased that he finished the colours at no charge!

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