Friday, 26 September 2014

wednesday, thursday, friday

1 The days have changed from warm and balmy to cool and rainy; the leaves are changing colour and sadly the hummingbirds have gone south. Fall has arrived.
2 Only a few flower pots are left but their colours are still vibrant and welcome.
3 Note to self: use a chair when hanging up sharp twirly gigs! No stitches.
4 Mr P has been doing lots of after work things to make his time in camp bearable. He going to a coach and is encouraged by their conversation and even has some homework.
5 After not working the switchboard for a couple of weeks it's nice to get back to it. A few brain glitches and it's all good.
6 My hairdresser decides it's time to darken my hair. It's too dark but Saturday he'll add more lighter pieces and hopefully it'll be what we both like.
7 A successful shopping trip and I have a few new fall sweaters and yoga pants for work. I like looking stylish yet feel comfortable at work. It's a challenge to sit that long in tight pants!
8 I'm so grateful for my husband. We have created a home space that just work so well for us.
9 She's invited me to participate in two craft fairs this fall. One in November and one in December. I'll be framing some photographs and perhaps creating a few postcards/greeting cards. Exciting!

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Leonora said...

The hair, it's always a battle. I'm happy for you that you like what your hairdresser did!

Stitches or no? I hope not!