Thursday, 11 September 2014

one day, one moment at a time

It's been a while and I haven't been posting or reading anyone else's posts. Things are a little hectic here and I was finding it impossible to focus on the blog. I took a bit of a break. Thanks for sticking with me.

1 The sun shines delicately through the sheer curtains and lands exactly on my eye.
2 I hear their laughter and wonder at the inner workings of the brain of a little child.
3 There are chalk drawings and hop scotch patterns all over the concrete driveway.
4 The wind rhythmically blows the tree top back and forth in perfect timing.
5 The hug is tight and consuming and I pray that there is compassion felt from it.
6 In the cycle of life, we often are challenged with change. It's not an easy thing for some especially when it's unexpected, unwanted and out of our control.
7 The stroller holds two. But wow, those two are getting big and they feel even heavier coming uphill than going downhill.
8 One night he goes to sleep easily and then the other she finds it difficult. One just wants to wiggle around until sleep, the other wants a back rub and some tenderness.
9 I long for normal, natural and real.

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