Saturday, 20 September 2014

I am grateful

1 Before we know it a week has gone by and it feels like he's barely had time to unpack and now he's packed and gone.
2 The grandkidlets have a busy afternoon playing in the mud! Mud pie soup was on the menu.
3 He has a rough night with a snuggly nose and by morning both grandkidlets are in bed with me.
4 They love being outside so we spend the morning on the deck making tents to lie about in, read books in and picnic in.
5 A trip to the park and it's swinging, playing with little girls and racing to get to the slide first.
6 They are good helpers. She sits in the front of the cart and piles each grocery item neatly in front of her; he holds the mini crisp bag and tries desperately to open it.
7 At bedtime they snuggle for stories then she shifts to a spot of her own. He's at the top of the bed and she's reverse at the bottom. Feet to feet! I remember doing the very same thing with my sister but with more angst!
8 It's time for baking and my helpers are the very best at pouring things, putting the cupcake holders into the tin, filling those tins and best of all eating the batter off of their spoons.
9 When it's time to decorate the cupcakes they put some candies on the cupcakes and more in their mouths. I give them each the choice of an iced and candied cupcake or plain. Surprisingly (or maybe not), they choose plain.
10 After work I go to Winners, just to look around, I tell myself. The bag is full of pjs, socks, underwear and a book or two.
11 Three days of work and I'm finished this particular rotation for a while. Everyone's holidays are over and the first temp gets priority for workload coverage.
12 A part time job posting has come up at the hospital switchboard. I apply and now it's the waiting game. It would be lovely to have a set schedule instead of being always on call.
13 Sometimes we need support, The kind of support that mom's give.
14 Sunrise
15 Feeling grateful for the day and the quiet.
16 What a joy to sit in the shade on the deck and just read.
17 Legos, doll houses, tea sets and umbrellas are fun to put away, for now.
18 He's strong and he can do this.
19 Winds blow the umbrella right out of its stand. I fiddle with it for a while and eventually it is snug and secure.
20 A sunny and warm weekend so far. The skies were blue and cloudless.
21 He likes what he hears and says he felt validated hearing it.

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