Saturday, 30 December 2017

December Catch Up

Holy wow time sure goes by fast at times especially with lots of work and holidays as well. Here are a few highlights for the past few weeks.

1 My 60th birthday was a smashing success. Mr P surprised me with a family dinner that was heart rending and so beautiful. Loved having my tribe celebrate with me.
1a Izzy and Kesler's Christmas concert. She was with her class and did a James Brown tribute to Jesus and Kesler was a sweet angel. So proud of him for being awesome. Izzy rocked it too. That girl has moves!

2. Trip to the interior to visit with our family and friends. First stop to see my brother, and then sister, which was so needed. Then off to Nelson for 2 nights with our best friends the Smiths. Open house, and more friends, and a Monday morning with 2 breakfasts and a coffee date before we even left for home. Great time with everyone. Thank you.

3. A 2 day sleepover was THE best. We did everything Christmas, colouring, painting, wrapping, ribbons, and bows, cooking, and baking, and decorating everything possible including the cat. Izzy especially loved doing  the Super Secret stuff for their Daddy & Mommy. Kesler loved his bedtime snuggles.
3a, Daddy says, "Thanks! Two  nights of good sleep! And God bless us everyone!"

4 Snow, snow snow!

5 Christmas with everyone and I got to make all the stockings!!! NINE. Each one had an orange in the toe and a piece of coal on top!
5a The roasted turkey with cranberry glaze that Michie made was amazingly delicious. I realized in that first bite how much I enjoy other people's cooking!
5b. Playing Pandemic and actually playing this time. No interruptions means we can get right into it. I love playing games or doing puzzles after a feast!

6 I have a loved one who is in serious condition in hospital. Please send  your prayers up so blessings may come down.

7 Our youngest son Nick has gone overseas for Christmas break. He left with 2 of his international students and they spent 2 days in China, (Shanghai and Hanghou) then off to Dubai for two weeks. All expenses paid! How awesome is that??

8 Chris is getting half days at work until after the new year. Luxury!

9. She says, "Remember, you are blessed. YOU ARE BLESSED."

10 I am enjoying knitting so much. I learned the brioche stitch yesterday and it will definitely be in my next project.

11 New Years 2018. New beginnings.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

coaching, placed just right, & happy birthday honey bear

1 We spend yesterday morning together meeting Russ's new coach. It's the perfect mix. They hit it off right away and Mr P starts an 8 week course of coaching to help him to find his purpose.

2 He surprised me with a beautifully placed red star light!

3 It's our Kesler's 6th birthday today!!! Such a great kid, lots of growth and big love. We are headed to his house for cake and presents tonight so I will post more tomorrow.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

tree time, memories, and hindsight is 20/20

1 The Christmas tree went up yesterday but not lights or decorations. Just up. There was just not enough time for it before work. Truth be told, I was just glad it was up. Today it's a different story, it's all lit and decorated.

1a As we are putting the tree in it's spot, Mr says to me, "I think there are too many lower branches on this side." Of course being me, I need to have it all decorated first and then we cut and trim. Oh ya, we trimmed and he liked being able to give me the "I told you so" look. I don't mind, it's exactly as I like it.

2 He put the song, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" onto the stereo and we listen to a remix. It elicits both happy, exciting and yet sad memories for me. I think it's the longing in the song that is so poignant to me.

3 The flu is making the rounds in each household. I really should have bought shares in Kleenex and ginger ale, oh and yes Tylenol, Advil and the ever popular cough and cold remedies. Get well soon lovies.

Friday, 8 December 2017

bush date, party time, and you know it

1 Mr P and I went on a bush date yesterday. Up into the hills behind our sleepy little town we found a logging road or two and ended up finding two little trees perfect for us and Nick and his students. The snow was pure white, and soft. As we wandered in the trees we saw giant snow piles on branches and had fun trying to knock it onto each others heads! H used his hands, I used me feet to topple the snow down.

2 Staff Christmas parties. What to say except dang it was fun! Mr P came with me which was a nice surprise. We socialized, played some pool, and ate a $22 hamburger! Were we crazy????

3 She has my back and I have hers. Some days you just need to know it.

Monday, 4 December 2017

the bug, can't decide, and lucky shot

1 This flu kicked me to the curb. I'm fighting back, well, actually resting and fluids and making my way back to human status.

2 The snow fell in huge flakes, but it didn't stay long on the ground. Winter seems a bit undecided this year.

3 I reached down with my camera and just clicked and this was the photo I took. I kinda like this methodology of photography.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Oh how interesting, Kesler, and win or lose

1 She looked me up and down, said I looked "slight", and then proceeded to give me a Christmas orange.

2 Kesler is learning to identify his facial parts. He looks says, two, then points one at a time to each eye and says two eyes. Big milestone for our guy. He's turning six soon too!

3 My knitting is slow and steady. Will I win the race and have it finished on time?

Monday, 6 November 2017

early winter, gkids, Sunday dinner, and opportunity is knocking

1 The winds and snow came early this year. Really early. The arctic flow came down hard on us. The snow accumulated and became icy faster than anyone expected.  And then, after days of cold and wind and rain, the sun came back this afternoon and melted away bits of snow. I think winter is going to retreat.
1a The grandkidlets loved being in the hot tub with snow and icicles. Yup, there's nothing quite like snow and hot water! Kesler really didn't want his bare feet to touch the snow but wanted 'swimming' more. That kid is fast!!! Izzy spent her time underwater.

2 We had 11 for dinner last night,  our family and our Chinese friends came for Sunday dinner.  It was kinda like a trial run for Christmas. Mr P cooked roast beast and I did the veggies and for dessert, gluten free brownies and ice cream smothered in chocolate sauce.

3Our youngest son has the opportunity to go to Dubai for FREE for 10 days at Christmas break. It is the opportunity of a lifetime. Will he take it?

Sunday, 29 October 2017


Everyone has their own path.
Walk yours with integrity and wish all others peace on their journey.
When your paths merge rejoice for their presence in your life.
When the paths are separated, return to the wholeness of yourself.
Give thanks for the footprints left on your soul, and embrace the time to journey on your own.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

a good day, tuckered out, and is it bedtime yet?

1 We share a few good laughs, fix some problems and just generally have a good day together.

2 Oh gosh, I'm tired.

3 I'm grateful for my big bed with flannel sheets, a warm blanket and lots and lots of pillows. Why am I still awake? Oh, right. It's only 7pm.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

pillow, picture this, and sounds

1 Making a feather pillow with leftover feathers from a bed pillow.  Turns out that cat + wind = chaos, and a lot of hilarity. Half the feathers ended up in the forest and half made just one pillow!

2 What autumn looked like today: A BIG sweater, scarf, long pants and hot coffee. Oh and pumpkin, lots and lots of pumpkin spice!

3 The sounds of wind, rain, and wind chimes. Kitty nibbling on her dry food. The clock ticking. A quiet house.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

wake me up, big hug, ouch

1 Waking up after a night of dreaming that I keep waking up. What's real here?

2 Coming back after a hiatus of days off and getting a hug with meaning! Thanks Sam for the welcome back hug.

3 Green grass and excitement plus chair in the wrong place equals stubbed baby toe.

Friday, 6 October 2017

stormy weather, away again, and easy peasy

1 The morning started with a bright red sunrise which today was a great indication of what was to come. Overcast skies, blowing winds and now rain. The trees and flowers soak it up, readying for the next transition to winter.

2 Time goes slow and fast at the same time doesn't it? Mr P has had almost a year of time off of work. Oh he did odd  jobs here and there but truth be told the man was on vacation. He's up north now and on the 14/7 rotation again. But this time it's a much better fit. He's on his brother's crew and contemplating a career change from electrical to carpentry. I guess we will see where this goes soon enough.

3 Today, I deleted over 3000 fb friends. I had built up my friends list for my network marketing business. Friends technically but in reality they were business prospects not friends. I thought that I'd want to continue my posts and interactions with them but that waned pretty quickly. I wondered if I really needed validation from strangers and my answer was no. Now my friends list is people who I know in real life and who I am genuinely interested in. That was easy.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Another fire, dreamer, and brrrr

1 Woke up this morning to a fire across the lake from us. Started by humans and what a shame. Now it's 2 hectares and glowing in the night. The winds are quiet for the moment but that's the unpredictability of Mother Nature. I found this amazing photo on FB and thought it was worth sharing.

2 I spent the day quietly doing odds and ends. I thought about things I'd like to try and maybe a course or two that I'd like to take. I don't know quiet yet what I'll do but it's fun dreaming.

3 It's cold outside. People have gone from shorts and tshirts to boots and jackets in a heartbeat. I love fall. I think tomorrow it will be pumpkin spice coffee for me.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

all clear, school fun, and life

1 The smoke has finally cleared away and the skies are blue. After almost 3 months of smokey haze, coughs and irritations for a lot of folks, we are breathing clean air.

2 Great evening tonight at the kids school. Family Get to Know You BBQ. Izzy loved playing with her friends and Kes was happy on Grampa's lap with his burger and Iphone.

3 Thinking that people live such extraordinary lives. They just have to know that they do.

Thursday, 31 August 2017

your thoughts, moving, and I'm done

1 Mr P and I are working on the designs for our landscaping and are thinking of using "xeriscape plants". Does anyone have experience with this and what were your pros and cons?

2 Up at 5am because of the birds, at work from 730 to 130, home and a wee rest. Then we head to N's place and get his stuff all packed into the 1 tonne cube van and finally it's dinner at 9. Oh my bed never felt so soft and welcoming but truth be told, I was NOT ready to get up at 6am! N was very appreciative for everything. 

3 One last day in this rotation and then I go back to my casual status. What I appreciated was : a steady amount of work, seniority and a set schedule. 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

packing, love them, and good grief

1 We spent two days packing up N's house in preparation for the move to his new home. It's big, bright, and beautiful. The girls will have their own rooms and bathrooms!!! Girl Power! Haha

2 I love how my sons always take the time to hug me goodbye. Even if they're busy, even in public, and even when they really don't want to. They do. Love my boys.

3 Hot coffee, hot flash, cold coffee, cold hands. Sheesh!!!

Saturday, 26 August 2017

no words, too funny, and thanks my friend

1 We sat quietly in the hot tub last night, listening to the sound of the wind, crickets, and the wind chines while watching shooting stars.  It's the kind of night when there's no need to talk.

2 When the day is only as good as, "I didn't shit my pants."

3 I'm thrilled. It's a red dress. I can't wait to see Mr P's face when I put it on. Thanks Sam!

Thursday, 24 August 2017

blessed, dentist, and a visitor

1 The day starts with a text or two from my sweet friend. Despite all of the things she's going through she still takes time to check up on me. Feeling blessed.

2 The dentist appointment appears to go sideways but as always things turned around and in the end it worked out for the best. 4 new crowns coming next month and our portion is small.

3 Jan comes by today for a visit and it turns into an afternoon of chatting and lounging on the lower deck and dinner later. It was a good day.

Friday, 18 August 2017

For sale, sold, talk, solved

1 A few years back we made the decision to buy a camper with the intention of having Mr P use it for a work home, and to camp but let's be real here. We hardly used it and it has been a lot of work for him to put it on and off, store, fix, etc, etc. We had a great trip with it to the coast and that was a good last hurrah. The best laid plans right?

1a The phone rings at 630am with the first person looking to see the camper.  So Mr P continues his morning of topsoil hauling and I emptied and cleaned out the camper. By 11 it was sold.

2 Thinking about how we talk to people and how they talk to us. It isn't easy to say no, but when you have to, well dammit you have to. I'm sitting here shaking my head and wondering why it is that people think that if they can talk a bit angrier and louder and expect a different result. Seriously?

3 And then the next day we see each other and we both speak a few kind words, and,  it's over. Just like that.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Trip to the Sunshine Coast

1 I think the last time I went away was last October. It was time. We packed up the camper and of we went to see the sea and go exploring.

2 We have discovered that we like playing cards. Mr P and I had a few matches and discovered that coffee and Bailey's either make the games go faster or slower depending on how much you've had!!

3 Waterfalls, trails, campsites, and amazing food. Yes, we did it all.

Monday, 24 July 2017

now and then, friends, change, and success

1 Every now and then, if we're lucky we get an opportunity to look inside of ourselves. To be introspective and to see what's real. The raw parts really. The part of you that is alive.

2 Our dear friends are visiting for a few days. This morning G and I take time to sit on a park bench and just talk. My heart is filled with deep gratitude for my friend and for her big heart.

3 Hair cut and colour, new glasses and a new me. I kinda like these new changes, which is funny for someone who sometimes struggles with change.

4 I struggle with my outward appearance. I always have. So it was a pretty big deal when I put on a bathing suit and put up my hair and went on the water slides. I heard two things that day. From Mr P, "Why don't you just forget about what other people think and enjoy the day." And from Nick, " I'm happy you were able to feel confident enough to do something that made you uncomfortable."

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

NVC, Saturday plans, gardening, and swimming

1 When we started our journey into NVC (NonViolentCommunication) we were looking for ways to communicate better between ourselves. We knew that we struggled with the bits and pieces when we talked and often our discussions would go off the rails. It's tough when that happens and it's often what leads to bitterness, resentment and a struggling relationship. We were tired of that. Seriously, tired of being on that merry go round. We started doing the work, both at our own pace. We have stumbled and failed, we have succeeded and celebrated. Our efforts are paying off. We are still a work in progress but we're connecting and creating the magic. We are able to look inside and now outside of ourselves and see the needs and requests versus the complaints and judgement. It's what we needed, it's what we need.

2 Izzy and Kesler are coming for a sleepover. Oh gosh, these two just melt my heart. Grampa will be headed to a First Aid course all day on Saturday so I'm on kid duty and then going to pick up Nick and his two Chinese Summer Students. Should be a fun weekend.

3 This morning it was time to thin the marigolds that we planted earlier this spring. Izzy's are softer leaves and are a lovely mellow yellow flower that looks like baby sunflowers. She's going to love seeing her garden blooming. Kes will most likely just want "swimming" and that's just fine too.

Monday, 3 July 2017

what we did, what we grew, and milestone

1 It's the long weekend here in Canada. Mr P and I enjoyed dipping our feet in the water at our freinds cabin at Twin Lakes, BBQ'd home made burgers and watched fireworks with our son Nick. The grandkidlets were with mom and dad doing their own BBQ and they built the sweetest fire pit and made 'smores in their own backyard.

2 Our marigolds are taking off. We wondered whether they would even grow at all given they were in a kit! But, they're doing well and need transplanting. It's hot here now, so we probably will have to repot early, and I do mean early in the morning to beat the heat. I like the ones called Lulu's. Light yellow and little flowers that are kinda lacy looking

3 Kesler is reaching milestones. Big ones. I now truly understand the statement, "It takes a village" Yes it does.

Friday, 16 June 2017

windy, tiny gardens, helpers

1 The wind blows and blows fiercely. Our little town is getting battered after each windstorm. The beaches are eroding and emergency crews are working tirelessly to put things in place to stop things from going sideways even more.

2 Mr P and I have been doing a wee bit of gardening on our deck. Flowers of course but tomatoes and herbs. Parsley, dill, cilantro, basil, and oregano, are the plants we're hoping will be our big producers.

3 Little Miss Izzy and her mom are looking after pocket gophers. They found them while doing some yard work. Mommy rescued them and they're hand feeding , washing and looking after these wee critters until they can get them to a Wildlife Rehab Centre.

4 I love surprises! Today I found out that my rotation at work is extended for two more months!!! Yay me!

Monday, 12 June 2017

waiting game, grandkidlets, and flood zone

1 Our deck railings are in and now we wait for the glass panels. The colour we've chosen is black matte and its perfect with the house colour and deck. Now, it's all about patience.

2 I spent Saturday night with the grandkidlets. Their parents go to a movie so we have our own movie time along with DQ.  We snuggle in on the sofa and Izzy says to me, "Grama you smell so good. I love how you smell." Kesler on the other hand uses me as a spot to pile all of his stuffies !!

3 The lakes and creeks are still flooding here. The district and city have put all sorts of measures in place but roads have washed away, debris is everywhere and those who live close to the water table are using hoses and pumps to try to keep the water out of basements, driveways and yards. The city where we live has also put up giant orange bladders that are filled with water, and anchored to the street and beach with straps. It's expected that the water will continue to rise for another week and a half so here's hoping it's a light

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Floods, visits, and almost done

1 The lakes and river are at flood stage and affecting many people in the province. In our little town a major highway goes through and today the roads started collapsing despite the preventative efforts by the district. Here's hoping tomorrow brings less wind and rain and more sun and calm.

2  We had a short visit with the grandkidlets <3 Oh gosh I love them so. More to follow.

3 Our new glass panels are almost installed. Rails went on today and the panels (custom) in a week or so. Exciting!

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Mr P, purples and pinks, and breakfast

1 Mr P has been having such a great time not working!!! He has been off since the beginning of December and quite frankly if given the opportunity would gladly be the "Best House Husband Ever" according to him.

2 The best plant I have at the moment is my fuschia. It's the ballerina variety and the colours pop! I think Miss Izzy is going to have fun with these :)

3 Decaf iced coffee with a banana muffin for breakfast. I'm lovin' my Weight Watchers point counting. I never feel deprived. Bonus, it's working, Details to follow.....if I feel brave enough.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

epiphany, lips, and cleaning fiends

1 I've had an experience. The kind that makes you look at life, at love, and at how we view ourselves and others in this crazy, upside down world of ours. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?

2 My daughter in law got me hooked on LipSence. It's a fun lipstick addiction. The lipstick goes on in layers and it's supposed to stay on for days. Mine doesn't but then I'm a toucher, licker and generally need more coats but I love, love the colours. My favourites are Bella and Pink Champagne.

3 The wind storm last night brought copious amount of pollen! It is everywhere. It looks like our spring cleaning is getting a repeat performance! Love the smell of my cleaner though. It's Sapadilla. It's an all organic cleaner and the scent I prefer is grapefruit & bergamot.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Long Weekends

1 The week flies by even though I'm under the weather. It's tough working when you're unwell but they say I must, so I do.

2 The grandkidlets are off again. This time to the lake to visit with their other (make that third) grandpa. They love the outdoors and it's the perfect place for reading books, fishing, and campfires. I hope they are eating smores.

3 Mr P and I go exploring to Mabel Lake. It's about 2 hours away and it's lovely. The water is so smooth and clean and boats are relatively quiet. We checked out the resort but think we'd prefer the provincial campground. So that's next time.

4 Nick's 29th birthday. He's home for the first time in years so we have balloons, a sign and of course triple layer chocolate cake. Love having him here to share this day of celebration of him.

5 We napped today. Oh sweet naps, how I love you.

6 Mr P made flourless chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. Let me know if you'd like the recipe. They are (were) delish!

Friday, 12 May 2017

What we were up to.. just a bit

1 The storms and floods came and with a vengeance this week. It was sad to hear and see so many people out of their homes and with homes filled with water. The small creeks that meander through the city were the first to overflow their banks and now we are on another thunderstorm watch. Mr P and I are very thankful that we don't have water woes, our biggest threat is quite the opposite, fire.

2 The grandkidlets are still in California but head home tomorrow. Oh we miss then all so much and can't wait for next weekend sleepover...we hope.

3 The new juice press is perfect for morning juices. Currently our favourite is apple/carrot with a bit of turmeric and/or ginger. Great warm or cold.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Stuff on Sunday

1 We putter about the house this fine Sunday morning, sipping our tea and coffee, eating a yummy breakfast of poached eggs and toast. We finally settle ourselves out on the deck, half in the sun, half in the shade to soak up the goodness of the sun.

2 The sun warms the deck so much that our feet can't take the heat! We dance around like crazies and race into the house to put on our flip flops. Zoe does not make an appearance at all. She's in the tv room downstairs where it's cool, sleeping and dreaming of catching hummingbirds.

3 Even though it's summer, well almost summer, I have a strong desire to knit. Perhaps I should switch from wools to cotton?

Friday, 5 May 2017

Six instead of three

1 She says, "Are my thought your thoughts?" And they both laugh softly.

2 The grandkidlets are busy with fun and their other family in California but Izzy still has to brag a little bit about her kite flying experiences with Grampa and the big kite he's waiting for.

3 Mr P has a man cold. Tea, rest, and more rest for this man.

4 We had a good trip to the US yesterday. Mr P loves to save money on shipping plus we get cheap gas and an outing. The bonus was we had a great Mexican (authentic) lunch on our trip.

5 Thunder, lightning and lots of rain has been falling since last night. Creeks are flooding in some areas and the district has already run out of sandbags.

6 I spent the day shopping with Angel while Emma and her friend did their own thing just like teenagers want to do. We thought we'd be a couple of hours but 3 1/2 hours later we still weren't done but everyone was ready to go home and we've decided to do another shop next weekend if it works for us all.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

What Sunday looked like, me time, and om.

1 What I like most on Sundays is to have time with my family. This morning Nick and the girls came for brunch and we sat out on the deck in the glorious sunshine munching on bacon, poached eggs and fried rice. We watched the hummingbirds and heard the ospreys calling to each other.

2 It is it wrong to say that I have enjoyed the last couple of days despite the fact that Mr P is away? Oh I puttered, listened to my own music, ate when I felt like it and basically just did my own thing. It was what I needed to recharge my batteries too.

3 Yoga.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Simple Saturday

1 Our morning sunshine just didn't last today. It's dark and overcast and downright gloomy. It's amazing to me how much we need the Vitamin D. Come on Mother Nature.

2 I puttered around the house today. Mr P has been doing dishes and such and with him away it's my turn. Kinda nice putting my hands in a hot soapy water.

3 My sweet friend Sam and I have an impromptu bit of snacks while we have our breaks at work. I am so lucky she's in my life.

4 Nick rearranged his workout time yesterday so he could sign me in as his guest at the gym.

5 Mr P called and sounded well fed and happy. He's visiting family and they're putting him to work. I wonder if he will miss his regularly scheduled nap time?

6 So what's a girl to do when  her guy is away? Well, I went to the clothing consignment shop. 4 tops and 1 skirt. Perfect!

Thursday, 27 April 2017

The days go by

1 The days go by so fast when I am working. I find that I'm so busy that things are lost in the shuffle. But not for long.

2 A bit of a tummy flu bug puts me out for a day or so. Tea, toast and lots of rest and I'm right as rain.

3 Mr P and I do a bit of a drive in the rain. We visit a few marinas looking at sailboats and then have a lovely tour of one of the local yacht clubs. They invite us to stay for dinner but it's a bit early so we agree to come another time. It's rather exclusive and so we are excited to return. Thanks Barbara for the welcome.

4 Sleepytime tea and cookies. Well cookies for the Mr and just tea for me. A girl  has to watch her waistline right?

5 The grandkidlets and their mom are in rough shape so I stop by with the staples. Ginger ale, juice, crackers and chicken soup.

6 His latest obsession/hobby is making kombucha. The scobie on top is slimey and gross but it actually doesn't taste that bad. I'll have to see if it's something my taste buds will warm up to.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Tuesday Truths

1 Just when you think it's going sideways it rights itself and things turn out even better than you could ever expect.

2 We've been going to the gym regularly now and are finding it's fun. Who said that?

3 I miss my gardens. So i can either whine and pout about it or get busy. I'm formulating a plan to get all of the rocks in the front bed out so that I can put in some lovely gardening bits and flowers. Mr P doesn't know it yet but I am going to need his  help on this one. Come to think of it, I think I'll recruit the boys too. Now I'm really getting excited for the weekend because it's planning time. What will I plant? Do you know my favourites?

Monday, 17 April 2017

Monday musings

1 I stood on the deck in the glorious sunshine and finally felt the heat the the sun on my face. My skin drank it in and wanted more.

2 Change. Adversity. Loss. Joy. Satisfaction. Success. So proud of both of my sons.

3 Izzy was a very lucky girl this past weekend. Tickets to see her favourite person, Dr Jane Goodall. Plus she was chosen to meet her in person. Thrilled is an  understatement. What a beautiful gift from her grandparents, Lola and Jichan. Memories that dreams are built on.

Friday, 14 April 2017


And you thought it was just a momentary glitch? Nope. The blog is back.

1 The family comes for Good Friday breakfast and it turns out well all love early morning get togethers! Bacon, scrambled eggs, poached, toast and fruits of all sorts. We indulge and enjoy it all. Not a scrap left over for even a mouse!

2 Izzy and Kesler can't resist and soon find themselves in the hot tub. The hose comes out and they have fun washing my windows, the deck and themselves!

3 My sons give the very best hugs.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

What's it all about Alphie?

Its funny how every now and then things pop into your head and can't come out. Ear worm!!!
But it got me thinking about what is it all about? Don't you love frying pan moments. Isn't it so true that when I have one of those moments, that it's one of those good bad feels. I haven't written in this blog for a very long time; it slipped away from me. I lost my drive to post and along the way the grateful blog just ceased to be one of my priorities. And that makes me feel sad. I have found great pleasure in finding things to be grateful for and especially thankful for the times when finding gratefulness was so challenging.

1. Izzy is now 7, in Grade One and this past weekend was up for a sleepover. And of course at bedtime it's story time. We call our story "The Adventures of Tia, Twyla and Zoe". It's Grama's made up story about a young girl, her two kittens and their magic basket. Izzy loves their trips to Candy Land, to the magic castle, runaway trains and to the gumdrop forest.

2. Kesler is 5 and in preschool. He has made amazing progress with his Behavioral Interventionist and teachers so much so that he will be starting Kindergarten in the fall. So proud of this little man. He's finding his words and interacting with us all. He is proving that autism is just another word.

3 Mr P and I are busy too. Planning a long well deserved vacation. We haven't been back to Vancouver Island since we moved. Mostly that because I really haven't wanted to go back. I miss the sea and wasn't ready to feel that longing again. But it's time and I am ready to feel the sand in my toes, wind on my skin and sun on my head.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Well here we are. It's 2017 and I am writing a post in what seems like forever.

So many things have changed and life has certainly thrown us curve balls but we have persevered and are moving forward. Time to restart my posts. I have much to be grateful for. I have missed you all and my grateful posts.

1. Mr P and I are working together on a business,  happily growing old together.
2. The grandkidlets are thriving. Izzy was the class star last month and Kesler is beginning to communicate.
3. Kesler has ear surgery on Wednesday. Prayers for a successful outcome.