Monday, 24 July 2017

now and then, friends, change, and success

1 Every now and then, if we're lucky we get an opportunity to look inside of ourselves. To be introspective and to see what's real. The raw parts really. The part of you that is alive.

2 Our dear friends are visiting for a few days. This morning G and I take time to sit on a park bench and just talk. My heart is filled with deep gratitude for my friend and for her big heart.

3 Hair cut and colour, new glasses and a new me. I kinda like these new changes, which is funny for someone who sometimes struggles with change.

4 I struggle with my outward appearance. I always have. So it was a pretty big deal when I put on a bathing suit and put up my hair and went on the water slides. I heard two things that day. From Mr P, "Why don't you just forget about what other people think and enjoy the day." And from Nick, " I'm happy you were able to feel confident enough to do something that made you uncomfortable."

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