Monday, 3 July 2017

what we did, what we grew, and milestone

1 It's the long weekend here in Canada. Mr P and I enjoyed dipping our feet in the water at our freinds cabin at Twin Lakes, BBQ'd home made burgers and watched fireworks with our son Nick. The grandkidlets were with mom and dad doing their own BBQ and they built the sweetest fire pit and made 'smores in their own backyard.

2 Our marigolds are taking off. We wondered whether they would even grow at all given they were in a kit! But, they're doing well and need transplanting. It's hot here now, so we probably will have to repot early, and I do mean early in the morning to beat the heat. I like the ones called Lulu's. Light yellow and little flowers that are kinda lacy looking

3 Kesler is reaching milestones. Big ones. I now truly understand the statement, "It takes a village" Yes it does.

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Dwayne said...

I re-encountered your blog when poking through other posts. Keep up the good work, and enjoy the g-kids.