Wednesday, 12 July 2017

NVC, Saturday plans, gardening, and swimming

1 When we started our journey into NVC (NonViolentCommunication) we were looking for ways to communicate better between ourselves. We knew that we struggled with the bits and pieces when we talked and often our discussions would go off the rails. It's tough when that happens and it's often what leads to bitterness, resentment and a struggling relationship. We were tired of that. Seriously, tired of being on that merry go round. We started doing the work, both at our own pace. We have stumbled and failed, we have succeeded and celebrated. Our efforts are paying off. We are still a work in progress but we're connecting and creating the magic. We are able to look inside and now outside of ourselves and see the needs and requests versus the complaints and judgement. It's what we needed, it's what we need.

2 Izzy and Kesler are coming for a sleepover. Oh gosh, these two just melt my heart. Grampa will be headed to a First Aid course all day on Saturday so I'm on kid duty and then going to pick up Nick and his two Chinese Summer Students. Should be a fun weekend.

3 This morning it was time to thin the marigolds that we planted earlier this spring. Izzy's are softer leaves and are a lovely mellow yellow flower that looks like baby sunflowers. She's going to love seeing her garden blooming. Kes will most likely just want "swimming" and that's just fine too.

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