Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Four, Grandpa and Sara

1 The evening is spent with Nick, Sara and Russ. We've just finished hot tubbing and are headed to bed. The guys are still out there talking.
2 Isabelle was soooo happy to see Grandpa. She just wanted to follow him everywhere. 
3 Sara. Lovely, sweet, kind, excited about Izzy (aren't we all?) and most of all deeply cares for Nick. 

Monday, 29 August 2011

foot, feast and voices and prayers

1 Despite the fact that I am constantly putting my foot in my mouth, I think I have nice feet.
2 The gardens needed some deadheading. It was overcast and a bit cool and the mosquitoes feasted while I worked. Thankfully it was short lived and the work is done with minimal bites.
3 He is happy to hear my voice. I'm happy to hear his. I'm looking forward to spending time with him and Nick. Nick sounds excited to see Russ too.
4 I'm feeling hopeful that Chris will do well on his course. Sending prayers up tonight again.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

harbour, camping and shopping

1 The harbour walkway was a good place to start the day. Lots of people there, blues festival and a chance to be close to the sea.
2 A nice guy tells me about camping on Newcastle Island with his family for the first time since his children were born. He said it was magical with the stars, water and blues music to go to sleep to. The little girl was a girl afraid of the dark but after a walkabout an some stars to see she's okay and says to her dad, 'oh okay i'm still on earth'

3 Grocery shopping....Sara's first time in a big box store - Canadian style.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

mice, day and courses

1 Quarky has become an avid mouser. Most morning he leaves me a mouse on the driveway. ( I really should take a photo of that)
2 It's a warm and sunny late August day. 
3 We give them school courses for their birthdays. Today one was cashed in. Good.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday...yup catching up!

1 Nick, Sara and I check out the malls, the beach and the park then head home for dinner and hot tub soak. Our first day together was so much fun!
2 We go shopping and Nick tells me it's the first time Sara has been to a Canadian grocery store. Her eyes are wide open when she sees all the choices. Then they compare prices between Canada and China. Interestingly enough, fruit is cheaper but Nick says probably, no, definitely not organic.
2.  She likes to help and so I teach her to bake some of Nick's favourite things.  Chocolate cake and Peanut Butter Bars! Sooo much chocolate.
4. He's so happy to have chocolate cake and cold milk.
5 I'm so very proud of Christopher. He's doing the right thing.
6 We head to Victoria for the day. It's the perfect sunny day with a light breeze. The harbour and parliament building area is perfect for sight seeing. 

7 We get the best outside patio table at the deli. The eat their soup and sandwiches with a view of the harbour.
8 Isabelle has charmed them totally. As soon as Nick and Sara hear her voice they drop whatever they're doing and run to answer the door. She doesn't disappoint them; she also greets them with smiles.
9 The new parents to be find out the gender of the baby due Jan 15. It's a boy!
10 Sara has never been in a hot tub before. She loves it and so we spice it up a bit more by adding either a glass of blackberry merlot or baileys on ice.
11 I liked that my memory seemed to recall what I needed it to today. It was training day at the new job, or rather some retraining combined with some new stuff.
12 Russ is a good listener. Even when he doesn't quite understand how I'm feeling he still listens. Sometimes we don't need solutions (cuz we really know the solution ourselves), sometimes we just need to feel heard and not alone.

Monday, 22 August 2011

opportunities, house guests and turn around

1 They are moving away but to a new life and great job with lots of potential and security for their family. They will leave by the first of October or November. So soon. I am sad they are leaving but happy for their opportunity.
2 Nick and Sara are here, sleeping in our guest room! So excited to have them here. So much to talk about and rediscover about each other.
3 He's home a week tomorrow for turn around. 

Sunday, 21 August 2011

new entrance, i love you mom and inspired

1 It's big day of gardening. Weeding, removing rocks, weed killer on the ones down the drive,and replanting and creating a new garden space near the front door entrance.

The night looks pretty amazing too. I really like how it's turned out. Next step for the tree is a RED pot.
2 Our phone call is brief but we make a few plans for the week. He says I love you Mom at the end of each call. His big brother does too.
3 Productive and purposeful. The home and garden shows are inspiring me.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

patience, working out and rays

1 The neighbour a few doors down is doing some landscaping so his backhoe beeps 3 beeps eveyr minute or so. It's rather annoying but I am practicing patience; I hope.
2 Russ tells me a lot about his day and what's going on at his job site. It all sounds complicated but he thinks it's working itself out at least for now.
3 The weather is warm and the plants are stretching upwards trying to capture each and every ray of sunshine.

Friday, 19 August 2011

breeze, connecting and curious

1 A cool breeze comes in the office window rustling the papers on the desk. I like the feel of it on my face.
2 It's good how they're connecting as adults. The boys I remember are still there but now it's changed for the better. I am proud of them both.
3 I like his mannerisms and how considerate he's become. Our conversation invites a spirit of curiosity.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

quail and date and gifts

1 The cats are in fine form. They are religiously trying to outdo each others antics. One brings me mice and the other birds. The quail have been safe so far. Not sure why that is? They're not exactly the brightest are they?
2 He says he's set a cut off date for the last day he'll be up north. It's a good thing to have the goal to look forward to. It's colder there already and he's not sure if he'll stay in the camper or get a room with the guys. I think he's leaning towards staying in the house with all the comforts.
3 They brought me some special gifts from China. Three silk pillows and a silk scarf. Nick says it's so that I will always have my three special guys close to me.
Very thoughtful and gorgeous!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

the day is done, wondering and special cream

1 Work goes by quickly today. I've not been very successful in the job that was left for me but I enjoyed the training component and am glad the day is done.
2 They haven't been to the house yet but are on Canadian soil. Something to be grateful for. I just know it's been a great time so far on Gabriola. Thursday they go to Vancouver. I wonder what they'll end up doing...GasTown, Sea Wall, Stanley Park. All good stuff.
3 Benadryl cream is the best thing ever for bites. Gotta love it. Thank you corporation that sells it! haha

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

same, here, changed and two

1. We spend some time together, eating lunch, talking and joking around while we wait for the ferry. It's great to have a son with the same sense of humour.
2. They are here!
3. He hugs me with two hands. He's changed in a very good way. He laughs and grabs my cheek bit and says you've changed too mother!
4. Two sons together. Watching them hug, smile and reconnect was worth everything.

Monday, 15 August 2011

bits and pieces, visit, in the groove and a bit better

1. The day is filled with bits and pieces of odds and ends at work. No one is really in the mood to work, but we do anyways.
2. The visit is unexpected and welcome. We have a chance to catch up on what's new while the baby sleeps. Eventually she wakes up and does everything running!
3. The pies are being created by M, so I make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies instead. A double batch of course. I'm a little rusty in the cookie making department but while he's here I'm sure to get my cookie making groove back!
4. He's grumpy because he has another cold and I don't help things much at first. At the end of the call he's better, just a teeny bit. I'll take it.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

two, dessert and whew

1. Just two more days until they arrive from China. Their room is ready, almost. Just some finishing touches to make it just right.
2. He asks if I can bring an apple pie with vanilla ice cream for his first dessert after being home. Of course! Maybe I'll make two just so he gets his fill and shares!
3. Gardening had the wow factor today. I pulled and tugged, filled bucket after bucket with weeds and filled the trailer about 3/4 full. Some bits to do after work to get it finished. Whew!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

cleaned up clouds and reminders

1. The leaf blower works like a hot damn. The entire yard is cleaned up and looks great.
2. The clouds rolled in the late afternoon bring a cooler breeze. The sky looked a bluish gray, soothing and calming.
3. The wind chime is from Nelson. It reminds me each time it chimes. I especially like windy nights.

Friday, 12 August 2011

two cats, strange noises and our little frog

1. The cats follow me from place to place as I do my gardening. They alternate between sprawling out in the sun and cooling off in the shade. They want petting too and swirl around my legs when I stand still.
2. I'm quietly enjoying my morning cup of coffee when I hear this weird noise coming from the backyard. I think it might be a bear because it's loud but also because the apples and pears are close to being ripe. I decide to go investigate anyways and cautiously head to the woodshed area. There's a tree swaying and some banging. I look up and can't see a thing. hmm Suddenly there's a shrill cry and I realize it's one of the giant squirrels we have here and he's/she's tossing pine cones onto the woodshed. Rapid fire style! I expect the big cat to chase after the squirrel but little cat has been here longer and has a thing for squirrels. She's up that tree in a flash! Lots of commotion, no fatalities, thankfully.
3. The little frog has been absent for a long time but I think I heard him this morning.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

summer, soul and sounds

1. The morning is overcast and coolish for August, but by the time my coffee is done the sun is peeking out and burns off the clouds presenting another warm summer day on the island.
2. Flowers are a gift to the soul. Today I am presented with many gifts and feel blessed.
3. There are some strange sounds coming out from around the arbour. I'm wondering if there's a birds nest in there. Must explore further.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

alarm, maze and red lips

1. Today's the first day I work at the union office on my own. As I pull into the parking lot, I realize I didn't get any training on the alarm system but I figure if I read the instructions on the wall and stay calm I'll figure it out and all will be well. Hah! I panic and it goes off, blaring to the neighboring offices and houses nearby! I eventually figure out how to disarm it and the sound ends. I did it and didn't get a visit from the police!  
2. The work she gives me is similar to letters I've done before. The tricky part is finding the actual letters in the maze of a filing system they've created. I do find them, eventually. I'm sure there's an easier solution, but I'm the new temp and will bide my time.
3. The cherries are plump and bursting with flavour. It reminds me of when my sister and I were little and would paint our lips bright red with the cherry bits.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

apples, coming soon and needs

1. The apples are almost ready to eat. The ruddiness of them hides the luscious red colour. One good week of heat should have them in my basket or in a pie or crumble.
2. A week today they come from China. I'm excited for us all. It's been almost 3 years since I've seen the boy who has become a man.
3. The cleaning and tossing out continues. It feels good to get it done and I like giving things to those who have a greater need than mine.

Monday, 8 August 2011

employee, course and the call

1. My work is becoming much more appealing. I like that there are more projects for me to work on. She says she is lucky to have me and that I'm the highest functioning employee. Nice!
2. This fall I'll be taking a Project Management Certification course. I like the  process and think this will be a good challenge for my brain!
3. He calls me on his hands-free phone tonight. He's been traveling all day to get to the campground where he stays when he's working up north. I'm outside watering the plants and he's driving. We talk about the news of the day, his visit to family in Quesnel and my day of work. Eventually the line will lose the signal but until then we talk some more, say our I love yous and good nights just in case the connection dies too soon. It does cut out but by then we've had a good chat and it's okay.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

chores, tom and bonus

1. We get out respective chores completed in record time. The lawn mowing is starting to feel like a treadmill and that's kinda cool. He does the splitting and stacking. All that's left now is to move the raked piles of bits.
2. I'm enjoying talking to Tom. He's not on a deadline so it's nice to just talk randomly. 
3. A bonus night. He's home for one more sleep.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

beach, dicks and up north treats

1. The beach is a bit rocky at first, but we keep going and eventually hit the sandy parts where we can take off our shoes and sink our toes into the sand and water.
2. Dinner was fun! We went to Dicks Fish and Chips, on the wharf in Campbell River. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was touristy but we liked it!  
3. We stop and pick up some treats and some fun dinner ideas for him to take up north. He should enjoy the quick and easy Indian meals. Currrry!

Friday, 5 August 2011

morning, moments, woodpile and cooking and the question

1. The flowers need tending, vegetables picking and both need watering. I wander around the yard going to each pot and garden; it's a nice way to start the morning.
2. We have a talk and sort out a few things, table others and say I love you. It's a good moment that I'll put in the knowing box in my heart. I can pull it out every so often when I need to.
3. The woodpile is rapidly decreasing in size and the woodshed is bursting at the seams. 
4. He works tirelessly for a bit until he's called for dinner. He's enjoying the meal after all his hard work. Plus he is loving someone else's cooking!
5. He asked the question, 'what do you want out of that relationship'? It made me think, reevaluate and make a decision that isn't based on what anyone else wants or expects but on what I want and what I choose to bring to the relationship. It makes sense and is a catalyst for more critical thinking.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

change, more change, running? and moment

1. We eat well and healthy or so we think. The reality is that we need to change diet and lifestyle and move to a new level. I am up for that challenge.
2. Part of the change is incorporating some cardio into each day. Today it's splitting and stacking wood. We will do it together.
3. I'm thinking bike riding or power walking/running could be fun too. A friend is doing Couch to 5K and we are thinking it might be a good place to start and will keep us accountable.
4. The Browns' came for a visit and dinner last night. Isabelle saw Grandpa, said Bumpa and held out her arms for him to take her. He took her and she wound her arms around his neck. He looked up at me and smiled.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

charger, rendezvous and sprinkle

1. We are able to help with a battery charger. He is happy to have a chance to get his vehicle started and not have to pay for a tow truck which could be wickedly expensive. Hope it works.
2. I liked our dinner rendezvous. We eat, talk and enjoy each other's company. They tease me and gang up on me in a fun, gentle way.
3. The sprinklers are on again. It seems they've decided that they will sprinkle when they choose to; which appears to be daily. It's been a hot one today so the grass and flowers will be grateful as am I.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

scoop,, sounds and catching up

1. The first thing he does is scoop me into his arms.
2. I like the sounds of him getting resettled into our home.
3. Meteor showers are happening for the next week or so. The weather forecast for tomorrow is clear in the evening. Methinks we'll be star gazing in the hot tub. Tonight it's cloudy so we'll skip it and just enjoy catching up.
Okay, so I'm a wee bit preoccupied. Tomorrow I shall have a wider range of things to be thankful for.

Monday, 1 August 2011

seeds, the day and more seeds

1. Birds arrive early this morning. The sentinel has told the others that the feeder is replenished and the news spreads fast.
2. I start the day with some shopping errands but once that's out of the way I do odds and ends, read on the patio and make a crispy salad for dinner.
3. Of all the sunflower seeds I planted, only 3 have survived. Two are dwarfs but one however is pretending it's a giant and is growing like mad.