Friday, 5 May 2017

Six instead of three

1 She says, "Are my thought your thoughts?" And they both laugh softly.

2 The grandkidlets are busy with fun and their other family in California but Izzy still has to brag a little bit about her kite flying experiences with Grampa and the big kite he's waiting for.

3 Mr P has a man cold. Tea, rest, and more rest for this man.

4 We had a good trip to the US yesterday. Mr P loves to save money on shipping plus we get cheap gas and an outing. The bonus was we had a great Mexican (authentic) lunch on our trip.

5 Thunder, lightning and lots of rain has been falling since last night. Creeks are flooding in some areas and the district has already run out of sandbags.

6 I spent the day shopping with Angel while Emma and her friend did their own thing just like teenagers want to do. We thought we'd be a couple of hours but 3 1/2 hours later we still weren't done but everyone was ready to go home and we've decided to do another shop next weekend if it works for us all.

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