Thursday, 27 April 2017

The days go by

1 The days go by so fast when I am working. I find that I'm so busy that things are lost in the shuffle. But not for long.

2 A bit of a tummy flu bug puts me out for a day or so. Tea, toast and lots of rest and I'm right as rain.

3 Mr P and I do a bit of a drive in the rain. We visit a few marinas looking at sailboats and then have a lovely tour of one of the local yacht clubs. They invite us to stay for dinner but it's a bit early so we agree to come another time. It's rather exclusive and so we are excited to return. Thanks Barbara for the welcome.

4 Sleepytime tea and cookies. Well cookies for the Mr and just tea for me. A girl  has to watch her waistline right?

5 The grandkidlets and their mom are in rough shape so I stop by with the staples. Ginger ale, juice, crackers and chicken soup.

6 His latest obsession/hobby is making kombucha. The scobie on top is slimey and gross but it actually doesn't taste that bad. I'll have to see if it's something my taste buds will warm up to.

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