Monday, 12 June 2017

waiting game, grandkidlets, and flood zone

1 Our deck railings are in and now we wait for the glass panels. The colour we've chosen is black matte and its perfect with the house colour and deck. Now, it's all about patience.

2 I spent Saturday night with the grandkidlets. Their parents go to a movie so we have our own movie time along with DQ.  We snuggle in on the sofa and Izzy says to me, "Grama you smell so good. I love how you smell." Kesler on the other hand uses me as a spot to pile all of his stuffies !!

3 The lakes and creeks are still flooding here. The district and city have put all sorts of measures in place but roads have washed away, debris is everywhere and those who live close to the water table are using hoses and pumps to try to keep the water out of basements, driveways and yards. The city where we live has also put up giant orange bladders that are filled with water, and anchored to the street and beach with straps. It's expected that the water will continue to rise for another week and a half so here's hoping it's a light

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