Wednesday, 1 October 2014

as the days go by

1 The kidlets end up spending Sunday night with me as well. It's fun to have them here. They fall quickly into routine and seem to anticipate what's next! I'll have to mix it up a bit, I don't want to be too predictable.
2 The weather is cooler these days. It's sweater time but the little ones seem to still run hot.
3 Warm chocolate milk is what they get before bed. Not so great for teeth so I also give them a bit of warm water to rinse with!
4 Work is busy, busy, busy.
5 There's one woman that I work with who I've always been intimidated by. It's funny that this phenomenon exists for me because it's unusual for me to feel this way. As we work more and more together, that feeling is dissipating as I see her as just herself.
6 Jeans jackets are great, especially when it's the only piece of jean you're wearing. They schooled me; only one jean piece at a time!
7 We get slammed and slammed and slammed at work. It's not really that there are more admissions but for some reason it feels like more emergencies. We pull together and get it done but the porters we work with look exhausted by the end of their shifts.
8 He loves the alphabet so we draw lots of circles on the driveway and put big and little letters side by side into each bubble. He gets excited when I sing to him, Big D, Little D, etc etc for each bubble. Soon he's saying some of the letters too.
9 Testing for autism and they have found no flags in the first round of testing. This is a very good sign.
10 Witches warts for the Book Club tonight.
11 There's a black out so the meeting which is about a Halloween murder mystery takes place in the dark. Spooky with laughter, food and good friends.
12 The blackout area is huge. 22,000+ people are in the dark including me. Candles soon are lit and the gas fireplace throws a lot of light! It was a long day/night so it's only one glass of wine and I'm toast.

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