Monday, 27 October 2014

Good times~

1 He's home and we get a chance to spend the day together. Lots of errands to run and lots gets done but it's the unplanned stuff that's extra fun!
2 A little hole in the wall sushi place turns out to have amazingly delicious food. It's a mom and pop business and there are even little children in the kitchen. Mom asks if it's okay and we both smile and nod. Of course!
3 Doobie Brothers were amazing tonight. We are in seats in the upper section and it's LOUD. I am so grateful that Mr P had the forethought to bring ear plugs for us both! No ringing in our ears and truth be told, they sounded my better with the plugs in!
3a When they came out for an encore and I heard China Grove, I couldn't sit one more minute, I jumped up and danced along with the thousands of others! It was awesome!

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Leonora said...

Lucky you to see the Doobie Brothers!! They still sound great by the clip you posted. Earplugs, huh? We know we are older when we bring earplugs to a concert- we also know we are wiser...much wiser : )