Tuesday, 21 October 2014

bits and pieces

1 I've been putting in a lot of hours at work and it's definitely paying off. Feeling confident and capable and sometimes even, dare I say it, relaxed!
2 The house is clean and shiny and smells like layers of lemon. It's the fragrance of the soap and the furniture polish that's drifting in the air.
3 Outside it's a combination of rain, wind, clouds and blue sky. Mother Nature is a wee bit confused today.
4 The colours of nature are bright and cheery compared with the dryness of summer in our desert paradise.
5 We did a hard prune on a tree in the back and it opened up our view dramatically.
6 I try my best to sit back and watch things unfold but eventually I speak my mind.
7 I must be doing something right, my clothes are just a teeny bit looser. Or maybe it's just stress.
8 The new training is easier than I expected. Possibly that's because I've had this training earlier in the year. Different facility but same workload.
9 I start the day in the dark. Pitch black but by the time I get to leave it's sunny, warm and welcoming.
10 I miss my girls! There is something special about the girls from swb and I'm appreciating them more and more every day. Oh, how I wish I had more work there.
11 Mr P is home on Sunday and we talk about our plans for the next two weeks. A few things are planned but mostly we'll just hang out, hike and putter. I like that plan.
12 I catch myself being very negative today. A friend's husband points it out to me, in a kind and gentle way. I need to regroup.

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