Saturday, 25 October 2014

4 days done

1 The morning brings mist,fog, and eventually rain! The grass is greening up despite the fact that it's autumn.
2 I feel warm and fuzzy in my new bulky knit sweater. It's big, baggy, and beyond comfortable. It's my new go to sweater.
3 I'm still training in admitting and am enjoying the people I work with very much.
4 Do I like the work? Not really, but if it gets me seniority, I'll do it!
5 A good night's sleep means that I am clear headed for the next set of training sessions. This time it's an afternoon shift and a new trainer. She is incredibly meticulous and has great attention to detail.
6 One more time, and then I'm back to my switchboard job. It's been interesting to see and learn a new department and then come back and appreciate what I have.
7 Izzy and Kes come for a brief before I go to work. As we are leaving it's a bit of chaos and she says to me, "Grama, that's the shortest visit ever!"
8 My brain is overloaded and I get a wicked headache but I push through it and finally it's over.
9 Work is done and it's time to get home and unwind! No wine tonight but a fire and cup of tea work just fine.
10  Mr P is home tomorrow! xo
11 My bed feels deliciously cool and welcoming. I love clean sheets, the smell, the feel, the way my body melts into softness.
12 At one point tonight the winds blowing are so strong that the wind chimes sound overly loud and  like an out of tune instrument but eventually they settle and are melodic and soothing again.

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