Friday, 31 October 2014

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

1 Waking up in the dark is difficult but coffee certainly helps the process.
2 He has a very low key day and even though he's had naps and sleep he's still tired and recovering from his weeks away.
3 Yes, there are leftovers for one last day!
4 The grandkidlets come for the day and we take them to two parks and manage to bake angel food cupcakes and oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.
5 She's never happy to go home but today there's the promise of getting ready for Halloween for her to look forward to.
6 Kes is certainly enjoying playing with trains. Today he's focusing on books about trains.
7 I love how they gently drift to sleep. After lunch I get out the story book and the three of us lie on their bed. She lifts her arm over her head and I know she's almost asleep and Kes curls on his side.
8 A sheepskin rug is laid in front of our fireplace. The grandkidlets love it and rub their backs and tummy's on the softness.
9 It is what it is for today. Some days are just like that.
10 She loves her costume so much that she had been wearing it since noon he said, but our grandson was much happier without his. She was a princess and he was a dragon! Both very adorable.
11 Dinner with family in a lovely Italian restaurant with good conversation and a bit of catching up. Mr P's brother is doing a course about an hour from our home and so its' a quick trip for us.
12 Nothing else went as planned. He's grumpy and has isolated himself in the downstairs office. Alone time can often be just what we need to 'get over things."

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