Wednesday, 4 March 2015

a few things for sharing...hello again

1 I love, love, love the heated seats in our car. It's one of those things that you just can't live without once you've had them.
2 The time has gone by so quickly that it's unimaginable that they have left back to China already. My heart is saddened but I'm more determined to be happy and grateful for the fact that they came and that we spent quality time together. 
3 It's a quick trip to the airport in Vancouver now that we live in the central part of the province. It doesn't take long for our passengers to drift off to sleep as we travel clear roads with sunny skies.
4 Our dinner is delicious, our conversation engaging and light and soon we're fully sated. Thank you Nick and Sara for dinner! 
5 It's time to go to the airport. Mr P drives slowly and we all take in as much each other as these last minutes will let us. 
6 A few photos before they leave through to International Customs. It's become a tradition of sorts to take a group shot in front of a very large stuff bear. Usually he's got on a hat and if I recall a vest that are vintage Canadiana but tonight it's late and he's just a bear.
7 He whispers in my ear words from a favourite childhood storybook, "I'll love you forever," and we say the rest together. Our children are our best loves.
8 They wave and walk, wave and walk as do we. Each time with turn so do they and we wave some more until we can't see each other. Mr P holds my hand tightly and a few tears escape despite my attempts to the contrary.
9 While he's driving Mr P turns on his audio book and puts in ear buds; I sleep. It's a comfortable ride home with little traffic. We arrive home just after 2 am.
10 Mr P is having a well deserved nap. He's been busier than ever with driving and this morning some testing that he has to get done before he's off again to camp.
11 Yes, soon it'll be just me and Tula. It's wonderful to have another creature to come home to.
12 Book club tonight. I'm looking forward to it so much because I haven't had the opportunity to go since November. Our book read was, The Orenda by Joseph Boyden. It isn't a book that I would normally choose so it was a slog reading it. I found it redundant at times, predictable and violent. It's interesting that it was very popular in Canada. It was not a book I would read again or recommend.

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Leonora said...

Ah yes, those bittersweet goodbyes. But you're right, it's wonderful that you had the time together and we always say, "Until next time!"
I rarely like the same books that everyone else is raving about. I would like to be able to choose books based on what everyone is reading, but most of the time I don't get it.