Sunday, 1 March 2015

silence, tacos, and zip

I was sitting there with Sam and she told me "there's no guilt allowed when you're too busy living life to post."
~ thank you for those words. I'll let go of it, post a few and move forward.

1 An early morning ride into work with Mr P. We chat some but mostly just enjoy sitting side by side sharing the same space.
2 When I arrive home from work there's a houseful of my favourite people. Nick has requested tacos so it's a combination of soft and hard shells, and an assortment of innards,tomatoes, onions, lettuce, refried beans, cheesy rice, more cheeses and salsas!
3 The days are sunny and bright but the weather itself if cold and windy. I'm tricked by it all and end up going out without a warm enough jacket. Thankfully it was a quick run to and from the shops.

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