Wednesday, 1 April 2015

cooking, my heart, book club, and movie time

1 We work together in the kitchen today making Strachi. It is a recipe a friend gave to me years ago. It's crepes stuffed with either a ricotta cheese mixture or thick spaghetti sauce, then it's smothered in more thinner sauce and cheese and baked. mmmm
2 Isabelle tells me how happy she is to see me and that she loves me so much. My heart melts from this wee one and when I say it back she smiles and leans in for a big hug. 
3 Book club. It's that time again and our food theme is Italian. The potluck consisted of strachi, lasagna, bread salad, tomato and mozarella salad and breads. Dessert was cannolis, tiramisu and gelato. Oh right the book. We had read Unbroken. It was liked by all with the focus on redemption, forgiveness and hope. 
3a I've also seen the movie and would  recommend it. Great acting, relatively close to the storyline and dramatic but not over the top.

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