Wednesday, 29 April 2015

back on track

1 Mr P is off on a trip up north. He's spending time with family, wiring workshops, helping with moving and a little hunting and fishing.
2 It's time for a change. Time to make things simpler and better. What does this mean? It means cutting back on work. Down to 2 jobs and feeling much much happier.
3 Miss Tula is enjoying her time outside these sunny days. Chasing flies and grasses, stalking moles and voles and mimicking birds in the hopes of catching one. 
4 The clouds move fast and furiously across the sky, morphing as they go, blocking the moon so it becomes dark and feels like someone turn off the lights.
5 My leg is mending and my knee feels pretty healthy. Time for walking. Lots of it.
6 I've given myself a 90 day challenge with running/walking. I've done it before and I'll do it again. 
7 I can feel the addiction to running in my veins after my fast walk today.
8 The kids have been coming over for lots of hot tubbing and playing. Gotta love it.
9 We have an opportunity to talk, into the wee hours and clear the air, make new plans and think about what's next.

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