Friday, 17 April 2015

from one to nine

1 It's fun to think up ideas for crazy wrap parties. I plan to have one at our home and one at a friends home in the city. Making up It Works goodie bags, business cards, blitz cards, price lists and more. It was nice to have help from M.
2 The grandkidlets love, love, love being in the water. It's so warm that they never want to get out. I'm happy to have this little bit of paradise to share with them.
3 Joyce is here for an appointment so we meet up for dinner and then head home for a visit and a soak. We stay up way to late but had so much fun it's worth it.
4 A few trips to Costco. Well, sometimes it's just not the right size or colour or it's a splurge that can go back. I'm determined to be less of an impulse shopper.
5 Finding a few plants to put into the large pots around the house that are perennials so that I can keep my "gardening addiction" costs lower this year.
6 Sometimes we just can't fix it. Words soothe and hugs help but it's out of our hands. So we support, love and keep moving forward.
7 Just a walk in the park, or rather a walk on the waterfront. We had a fun time wandering about and found a little creek on the other side of the road that had some benches for just sitting and hanging out.
8 We heard a large Canada Goose squawking and flapping it's wings like it was desperate to be heard. It looked at one point like it might be feeding little ones but there wasn't much of a spot for a nest so...
9 Home to sit on a warm deck in the sun. Oh, summer I feel your presence~

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