Sunday, 12 April 2015

odds and ends of the week

1 Mr P is off and gone back to camp. I guess you may have noticed he had my attention this past week (little posting). He calls after having flown, landed, bused and unpacked. All is well as long as he gets his proper amount of sleep.
2 Back and forth. We arrived at the airport only to discover the flight has been delayed. The clerk suggests a time that the flight might actually leave so we head out to grab a quick bite to eat. While we're waiting for the food to arrive he gets a call informing him that the flight is now leaving earlier than stated. Quickly he eats my meal because it isn't as hot and I get his to go. I liked his.
3 Sam and I did a 5km walk on Saturday in support of the local food bank. It was a trail run/walk and had a ton of slippery steep hills, lots of green coming out and cheering at the end of the run. 
4 My legs and knee are screaming at me so I soak and put on a knee brace. No pity here, just a reminder that it was fun, worth it and to keep on training. Oh yes, rest sore muscles.
5 Kes really likes the new hot tub. As soon as they come inside the house, he heads right for the sliding doors and is out on the deck. He's a strong lad and can lift the lid. <Note to all: Put away the step so he can't get in>
5a Kes loves his water wings. They are snug on his arms and around his midsection. It probably works as a sensory suppression tool. He has worn them home twice now! 
6 Miss Tula is getting a big rounder than we expected. I suspect it might have something to do with the wet food she's been consuming. Dieters are never happy even when it's a cat. 

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