Saturday, 2 May 2015

working, slimming down, satisfy me, six, lovies, and how may I direct your call?

1 Working 8-4 is much easier than 9-5. I'm not sure quite why that is but it is. Perhaps it's the location, perhaps it's the staff, or perhaps it's because of the two fifteen minute breaks and the one hour lunch. That really works for me.
2 Miss Tula is not too happy with her restricted diet. She has been birding and mousing and now her waistline is a bit thick! So it's one cup a day spread out over the day and night. 
3 We have a chance to talk and although it is brief when I hang up I'm feeling satisfied and happy for the moment.
4 Day six of work. Knowing that I have nothing scheduled for the coming week I take it regardless of the fact that it's sunny, blue skies and relatively warm out.
5 I haven't seen my lovies for more than a week with work and their outings. Miss them.
6 Switchboard operator!

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