Saturday, 23 May 2015

an assortment of thoughts

1 Holy long workday Batman! It's a day of moving and shifting and eventually it's done. Thanks to my work partners for making it easier to get 'er done.
2 In the afternoon Mr P meets me at the park by the lake with a picnic lunch. We indulge in a few moments together before I'm called back to the office. It's refreshing to feel the sun and breeze after being cooped up inside all morning. 
2a 30C in the sun. Just perfect.
3 We smile at each other in our special language and only we know what we are saying. 
4 A late dinner at the local sushi place but this time we have Korean Bulgogi. It's a melt in your mouth dish that's similar to Japanese teriyaki but it's flavour is slightly different in a very pleasant and delicious way.
5 As the night sky darkens we walk along the beachfront and our path is illuminated by lights that are installed under the benches, along the walkway and from the moon shining on the water. We're the only walkers and we relish the intimacy of that.
6 The chance to say no to work and focus on some me/us time. I'm planning on a little walking/hiking, catching up on a bit of housework and then finishing a book that Chris has lent to me called, "You Can't Teach a Kid to Ride a Bike at a Seminar". No work until Tuesday.

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Leonora said...

Love #5 : )
The book in #6 has peaked my interest. What a great title!