Wednesday, 27 May 2015

back to it, distractions, shade, walk it out, and blitz, pastels

1 I'm loving getting  back into an exercise routine. I've been trying to alternate between walking and kettle bells. Both give me what I need to keep focused on the goal, being "summer ready"!
2 A half day of work followed by lunch with Mr P and then driving around some neighbourhoods exploring.
3 After being in the house for a year now I realize the front door area is in the shade most of the day, so I changed a few of the plants and it's like magic. LOVE how the plants are thriving.. the others may have to be put into pots on the deck until the gardens are ready for planting, which might not be until next year. Definitely won't be until next year.
4 I wake in a grumpy mood so I take myself to the beach and walk, walk, and walk some more.
5 So if I'm walking I might as well be blitzing, and I do until I'm out of cards. I'm having fun planting seeds and waiting for my garden to grow with new business.
6 Last night's sunset.

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