Thursday, 14 May 2015

grateful for my life

1 We had the grandkidlets for a sleepover this weekend. It's been a while and they are more than excited about it. Dinner, hot tub, and a short movie before bed. Kes falls asleep very quickly but Miss Izzy finds it a challenge. 
2 We indulge in a large breakfast in the morning. Kesler ate 3 platefuls of scrambled eggs and an hour later is wanting a snack. Boy, can this boy eat!
3 We thought we'd go shopping later but in the end a warm sunny day meant we napped instead.
4 Tea and cookies. Tea that's hot and cookies that are just hard enough to make them good dippers.
5 Mr P took me to get dirt! Huge truckloads of dirt in his new hydraulic dump trailer. 
6 Playing in dirt, just like a kid! Oh I love dirty boots!
7 Mother's day was wonderful. We went to a morning class to learn about Heart Math. (spiritual thinking), then home to a bbq with the kids and grandkidlets. It was a no drama day. Ahhhh, yes. 
8 Working at the Recreation office is always relaxing. It's mostly arts and crafts and this week is no exception except that I get to close each evening. Three nights I have someone there to help if needed. But come Thursday as my boss says, "I'm cutting you loose!"
9 I am addicted to chocolate... yes you heard me. I love Brownie Bark from Costco.
10 The week has flown by and each night I try to get my thoughts down on paper...but each night I'm too tired to finish. Tonight I shall finish.
11 Mr P is working hard to get the back yard filled with soil. Coming home for work today and I see he's hard at it still, using his big one tonne truck to flatten and settle the soil.
12 Miss Tula isn't as impressed. When that big truck turns on she's scoots inside and finds a nice quiet spot near the window to watch safely.
13 Viruses have attached themselves to my big computer but Mr P puts on a new antivirus on my computer and it's doing a sweep, a fix and making it all healthy again. LOL! Sounds like I'm talking about a human doesn't it? 
14 Gaile and Frank will be here on Friday for the weekend. It's been ages and I'm really looking forward to spending time with them both.
15 Mr P and I share kettle bells and do our workouts together. I am pleasantly surprised at the ease and fun involved. He's really happy. He's been wanting to do this together for ages.

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