Thursday, 7 May 2015

yes, yes, yes, bit by bit, necessary, and sawing logs

1 We have an opportunity to make something even better so we go for it! Why not?
2 Jan hosted book club at my home on Wednesday and yes, did we ever have fun with it. She brought me a lovely white mum as a thank you. Thank you right back! What a fun evening, again.
3 Mr P is very happy to come home from his trip, go to Toastmasters and have a big plate of food waiting for him. Thank you to all the ladies from book club who fed him.
4 The chiropractor is putting me back together bit by bit. This time it feels like it's a bit quicker and for that I am even more grateful.
5 The hot tub has proven itself to be invaluable. Each night I take my weary body out and soak to relieve some of the pain.
6 Mr P and Tula decide to nap together. 

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