Thursday, 21 May 2015

through the week

1 Tuesday and it's time for work. 6 am why do you come so soon?
2 The day is full of ups and downs, lots of changes, lots of learning and lots of laughs to offset all the craziness of the day.
3 Girls night out for dinner. We meet up for an early evening of drinks, food, and laughs all round. It was fun to surprise one co worker with a card for her birthday!
4 Mr P and I spend our evening in the hot tub. We soak away the stresses of the day and find comfort in just sitting there, holding hands and absorbing the serenity.
5 Miss Tula catches a bird! Mr P is looking down on her as she stalks her prey and we are both more than surprised that our fat cat can actually catch a bird. She takes it around the corner and when she looks up at me with her big green eyes looking for praise, she opens her mouth and whoosh, away goes her catch!
6 We have had a few visits from the neighbourhood bear but he's not finding much of anything to munch on these days so we're feeling comfortable leaving the front door open for Tula again.
7 Love, love, love being with my girls. Being at work is just the remedy I needed to make me smile and smile I do.
8 Enjoying a cold frap on the deck while listening to the Tragically HIp and feeling a gentle breeze on my skin.
9 The day is done. Time for dinner. 

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