Tuesday, 19 March 2013

one through six

1 A quiet day of running errands and getting things done.
2 How wonderful to open the sunroof and put on sunglasses!
3 The burgers are freshly made and full of goodness like onion, chipolte and local organic meats.
4 There's a big wind storm happening tonight and the lights have just flickered. Three flickers and the power goes out. So far so good.
5 The woodstove is working overtime and I'm so very grateful for the warmth.
6 It's almost done. With a little luck we'll have a new tenant for the rental. Fingers crossed.

1 comment:

Leonora said...

I have honestly thought of you often these past few weeks with your sons so far away. You are one of the brave mothers who sets an example for me on how we must make this work.
The word 'skype' is getting tossed around here a lot these days : )