Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Where oh where have I been?

1 Jane and Leo (Chen Tao) and Rebecca had been visiting friends in Winnipeg and are delighted at the difference in locations. The island is scenic, cooler and their hotel is right on the waterfront.
2 Mr P is the driver for part of Friday. They go to the beach, to the mall and then the waterfalls.
3 I stay home and get things ready for a BBQ for them all. Chipolte burgers, marinated salmon steaks, pancit, marinated mushrooms, salad with pistachio nuts and mango, and the grand finale of blueberry pie and ice cream.
4 Mr P entertains them with his remote control helicopter. They take turns flying and crashing until all of our batteries need recharging!
5 After dinner we move to the covered patio while Mr P gets a fire started in the small chimnea. They are thrilled with it all and best of all we manage to throw together some s'mores. Mark and Diva love roasting marshmallows and eventually we all eat at least one burnt one!
6 Saturday and we had to Campbell River for whale watching. The whales didn't appear but we were thrilled to see White Side Dolphins and drive through rapids while watching bald eagles.
7 Off to the Sandcastle competition in Parksville to check out the winners (First place went to a fellow from Nelson BC), and for some hot dogs, fries and ice cream. We decide to stay for the fireworks and it was well worth it. They moored a boat in the bay and launch the fireworks from there. We sit on a log and enjoy the show that's put to music.
8 Lost car keys on the beach are found by Chen Tao and he is suitably named the hero of the night!
9 A trip to Victoria but first stopping to show our Chinese friends a local Farmers Market. We feast on local vegetarian pizza, poutine, cupcakes and unlimited iced teas made with ginger and mint and all sorts of deliciousness.
10 Diva has a difficult time saying good bye. I give her lots of hugs and reassure her as best I can. I am touched to have made such a sweet connection with her.
11 A second weekend trip south island to visit family and I spend a few hours with my best friend G. As always she is delightful to talk to and we share as always and hug goodbye wishing our visit was longer.
12 We stop at a greenhouse that is going out of business and find trees, hydrangeas, chinese lanterns and lavender. It's difficult to reign in my desire to buy more but best to see what fits where and go back. Oooh, greenhouse road trip....yes!
13 My first payment for photography!  Imagine getting paid for doing what you love. They pay me for the photo shoot with a Costco gift card and are thrilled with the results. Now this is what it's all about. Oh and as a bonus, a friend calls today wanting to buy a photograph! Life is good.
14 With no plans for Tuesday, Sara suggests  we have a day to ourselves to do whatever we like. Luxury!
15 We are hoping the two sons will find a way to see each other before Nick flies back to China. Sending prayers up for a solution.

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