Thursday, 29 August 2013

gone, visual, and truth or fiction

1 It was time to hit the delete button, after all it had taken over everything and was making my life miserable. Perhaps  one day it won't feel so invasive, or perhaps I'll read the directions, or perhaps even I'll be more patient. For now it's goodbye to Google+
2 A run in the rain and I get to see the new home being built up the street. It's up so fast and already they are painting the outside lovely shades of brown and the front entrance are varnished wood pillars. I think the men get so much work done because of the rock music they listen to. It made me run faster too!
3 The thunder is booming, lightning overhead and yet there we are in the hot tub. He tells me the lightning is miles away and because I'm so comfortable I fall for his words and stay put.

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