Thursday, 8 August 2013

ah yes, thoughtfulnes, and what do you think?

1 Hot tubbing while star I spoiled?
2 Beautiful gifts from a new friend came in the mail today! Your thoughtful note made it even more special L! Thank you so very much... Best love to you~
3 The camper is almost packed. It has been many years since we've been camping so this is unfolding slowly. Goodness who knew we needed so much stuff. Mr P suggests paper plates, plastic utensils and cups. At first I resisted but now I'm rethinking especially given that we aren't cooking anything that requires a steak knife. Your thoughts fellow campers?

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Gaile said...

I think that you might change your mind pretty quick about the paper plates and plastic utensils. Even though it means more washing dishes when camping, it just feels better to have real dishes or at least heavy plastic ones and real utensils. With a camper you can keep them in a cupboard ready to go at any time. This is just my thought though... LOL Have a great time camping.