Wednesday, 4 June 2014

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1 Switchboard was great today. Lots of hands on training and even a code to call. I didn't call it because there was a mix up on rooms/location but I'm sure I'll be thrown into it full on today! My trainer said she's bringing a book to read...ha ha Oh I hope not!
2 Erin's home is up on the hill near the winery. It's got a stunning view of a couple of bays and Rattlesnake Island. Their backyard is serene and green with large sized tables and spaces and pergolas, ivy plants climbing posts and huge hanging baskets! And inside her home it's just as spacious and decorated with such love and care that I leave inspired to create that sort of atmosphere in our home.
3 Book club as always is entertaining and lively. Our group has chose a genre for the coming year and chose Short lists. As long as the book makes the top five in any award list it's fair game for choosing for the group to read. I'm hosting in November. Any good book suggestions are most welcome! I must read it first so I guess considering my track record for reading lately, I'd better get on it.

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