Sunday, 22 June 2014

good times, what we did, and who sleeps that long?

1 BBQ chicken, garlic scapes, sauteed mushrooms and rice is the menu for our dinner tonight. Chris, the kids and Kuma (baby corgi) came for a visit and dinner. We played out on the deck and the plants are thoroughly, and I stress the word thoroughly, watered. Kes hasn't quite mastered pouring water. He usually turns the pail towards himself and then dumps it on himself!
2 Time for a motorbike ride so Mr P and I check out the Farmer's Market, take some photos while we walk, stop and watch some slow pitch and then take a back road to home. The road leads to a place called Tabletop Mountain. One section is especially steep so I hike up. No slips or slides and soon we're back on track.
3 We came home from our excursion tuckered out and napped in the middle of the day. Mr P slept for over 2 hours! Even after he woke up he was groggy but managed to give our Izzy a motorbike ride. She's so eager it's hard to say no.

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