Thursday, 19 June 2014

gardening, spiders, and dinner

1 Our day is filled with bits and pieces once again. We put up some white boards, and putter away at the garden. Okay, it's not actually a garden just a front bed with a couple of plants and a lot of rocks, the kind of rocks you'd use in a water feature. Our plan is to use them for that purpose but just not yet. Lots of other garden/yard things to do first. So it's a holding
space for the plants until we have proper homes for them.
2 Black widow spiders are common in our area. Today Mr P finds one while he's turning the rocks in that very front bed. He doesn't tell me at first but just says, "Quick! And bring your camera!" He nudges it over with a stick and we see the tell tale red hourglass on her stomach. She is one big mama! RIP
3 Perogies with sour cream and salsa. Who knew?

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Leonora said...

Black widows live all around our house too. I was alarmed when I first discovered them and heard they were common here. I've learned (kind of) where they are most likely to hang out and to be extra cautious. I've noticed that their webs are tougher than other spider webs. Just thinking about them makes my skin crawl!