Sunday, 8 June 2014

Cherry pit, putter on, a/c, and tradition

1 We spontaneously stop into a restaurant right beside the Buckerfields shop. It's called the Cherry Pit and when we open the door to enter we're pleasantly surprised at the casual decor and see how full of people it is. Usually that's a good sign that the food is good right? We decide we're hungry but not starving so we share a breakfast of eggs, toast, hash browns and bacon. Great decision! It's a place we'll come back to and definitely kid friendly! Plus...they did the bacon just right!
2 And the puttering continues. Mr P puts up more towel bars and toilet roll holders, mirrors and some framed photos. I water the plants and wash the deck and front entry. We both tire in the heat <not acclimatized yet) so we nap.
2a We try out the air conditioning and are shocked at how quickly it cools off!
3 Family dinner on Sunday is a tradition now. The kids come in the early afternoon and we have a chance to visit and let the kids play. Kesler always loves the water but today he's drawn like a moth to a flame to the geranium plants. He likes eating them so we spend half our time saying no and pulling it out of his mouth! Isabelle has decided she doesn't want to get wet so she climbs onto my lap and covers herself with her little fuzzy white blanket that she calls her "mimi" and looks up at me and says, "Can you hold me like a baby Grama?" We cuddle for a bit then it's Grampa's turn.

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