Sunday, 1 June 2014

in the heat, Sundays, and red and white

1 We spend so long lingering on our deck over coffee and breakfast that it's pretty warm out by the time we are ready for some of our talked about tasks. We decide to plant the dogwood but once we're outside Mr P gets distracted and ends up on the hillside in the front cleaning up some dead branches . We try to pace ourselves but the heat is a little more than I expected and I quickly head for shade and cold water. I think we're still acclimatizing.
2 It's Sunday which means family dinner! Our lovies come earlier today so our meal is earlier than usual which is nice in the heat.  Mr P marinated some pork ribs last night and grilled them this afternoon. Ithey were done to perfection with the bits of bbq sauce crunchy and caramelized.
2a Izzy and Kes play out on the deck in the water with hoses and buckets, shovels, cars and best of all bubbles! I love how eager they are to water plants and dump water on themselves not caring that it's cold and that their clothes are wet.
3 We planted a dogwood shrub that the kids gave me for mother's day in a spot by the front door. It was a thoughtful gift and we're looking forward to seeing it grow through the seasons. It has variegated leaves in the summer and once the leaves are gone in the fall it will display its dark red branches and that should be especially lovely in winter. Red and Canadian is that?

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