Monday, 27 May 2013

ugh, sigh and sip

1 Every now and then there's a call for work. It's a difficult day because even though the regular worker left me a few bits of work with details somehow the day turns sideways and there is one fire after another to put out. Eventually it's quitting time and well, what got done did and what didn't can wait. What else can you do?
2 There is talk from our village council of putting our neighbourhood onto city water. While it's understandable that there are people with difficult water situations, making everyone change from well to city and meters no less seems to be catering to a select few and making the rest us us pay for it. I'd rather move.
3 A glass of red wine after a really rotten day. Perhaps two might be a better idea.

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Dwayne said...

Hi there. I really like your stuff, what I've read and seen so far. You have a knack for photos and I like the concept of being grateful for the things we have. Too often we forget how lucky we really are.
Keep up the good work (Kathy?)