Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

1 Tons of giggles and silliness between us. We find ourselves falling into fits of laughter and when my son arrives home he is quickly part of the revelry.
2 The spaghetti is hot with spicy meatballs. Everyone dives right in!
3 She does her artwork and is soon covered in paint, hands, fingers, face and clothes.
4 Grama, Mommy and Izzy make sugar cookies. Lots of rolling and tasting and more tasting.
5 Daddy comes home to Mommy giving baby Kesler his first haircut. Then Daddy gets his cut and soon the two boys are admiring themselves.
6 Chris makes eggs, steak and hash browns for breakfast. How decadent for the woman who usually eats oatmeal or just toast!
7 We take a trip to the forest and she is in heaven. She thinks she's the leader and tries to give us all direction.
8 We all go to Mission Creek Park and wander along the different pathways. Everyone wants to run!
9 Snuggles and warm butterfly kisses.

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