Sunday, 28 April 2013

Saturday and Sunday

1 Traveling through to the interior this time is a leisurely drive with good roads but big strong winds.
2 They are ready and waiting for me when I arrive a little darling girl and boy are sleeping. When she wakes she sees me and says, "What are you doing here, and where's Grandpa?"
3 We have time to catch up on a few things and settle in for some snuggles.
4 Little Kes goes to sleep easily but Izzy has a bit of trouble so I sit by her bed while she settles herself for the night. At one point she turns to me and just gazes, ready to drift to never land and sweet dreams. 
5 She turns to me and says oh so quietly and sweetly, "I love you". After I tell her I love you two lovey, she closes her eyes and goes to sleep.
6 In the morning she knocks on my door and says, "It's Isabelle. I need to come in and see  you. Please Grama." Who could possibly resist that?

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Leonora said...

Oh, sweet loves! Enjoy your visit!