Monday, 15 April 2013

outside, cookies, and on pause

1 Mow the lawns, wash the patio and hot tub area, water plants, seed more beauties, water some more, and so it goes. Love spring!
2 Girl Guide cookies and tea. The perfect after dinner treat. I especially like the vanilla ones so I save the chocolate for Russ. He is a chocoholic so perfect for his tea.
3 Izzy's mom says time out is not about punishment, it's a 'pause in the chaos.' She uses a glitter bottle that her mom made called a "mind bottle" that is her timer. Once shook up, it takes roughly 5 minutes to have all the glitter settle.

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Leonora said...

I love, the idea of the glitter bottle. Wish I had it when my kids were little! It gives them something concrete to with which to measure their time out and something positive to focus on- genius!