Thursday, 4 April 2013

cool, lie down, and grizzlies

1 When it's time for a run the rain begins. There is a cool dampness on my face and through my clothing.The cool feeling lasts well into the early afternoon.
2 The lawns have many spots of moss some larger than others. One particular spot is so soft and cushy that it reminds me of a duvet and invites me to lie down.
3 He tells me that it was an exciting day. The night before the grizzlies had come into the camp and had created a wee bit of damage control for the morning. A large roll of rope was moved up the mountain and unwound all over, a small vehicle for transporting people had been left on the grounds and the bears had taken out one of the seats and trashed it. Thankfully they've had training on dealing with the bears, carry horns and bear spray. I ask him to have careful fun with them.

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