Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Christmas 2015

1 Holidays can bring a variety of scenarios to your door can't they? We had quite a mix ourselves. The kidlets were around for Christmas dinner and a few people who had no place to go also came to our home. Zoe wouldn't let me set the table because she found the tablecloth much too tempting and the plates and cutlery would have gone flying and almost did.

2 Izzy, Kes and I made gluten free sugar cookies and there was plenty of icing to go on too. Little fingers were busy!!

3 A quick trip to see my sister and her guy. Love her front/side yard. It's magical throughout all the seasons.

4 We came home to 15 inches of snow yesterday. No snow accumulated today which was a nice treat for sore backs.
5 All the decorations are put away into homes until next year.
6 Zoe loves playing in crinkly noisy plastic bags. Lots of holes in there to keep her safe.

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