Friday, 28 March 2014

new floors, project #1, #2, and he's up!

1 The floors are getting done and they look fantastic! He's finished the first small guest room and is now working on the master bedroom. I still have the ensuite to paint  but first I have a few other projects to complete.
2 I'm taking a large window frame that used to have coloured glass in it and am in the process of creating a coat hanger. Each pane will have family members photos and the larger frame will have either a scenic or family photo. It will have hooks under each frame for hanging coats. Beneath the coat hanger will be a shelf and we'll have double space for shoes and boots.
2a The second project is converting an IKEA kitchen island to something a little more updated. I've painted it the same white shade as our bedroom trim and have put on green glass knobs from an old family china cabinet for faux drawers. The top is sanded and I'll be staining it darker. Photos to follow for both as these projects are halfway completed!
3 We are happy to hear that T has been moved to a ward from ICU. When we get to his floor we see someone standing up in the room and realize that's him! From coma to walking about and being alive. What an amazing recovery.

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