Tuesday, 4 March 2014

holiday, kid time, grown up talk and the snowman

1 Mr P heads back, one last time to get our camper. The roads were not so great last night but today after an accident was cleared he decides it's time to go. He'll sleep in the camper and head south tomorrow to have a visit with his older brother who has just purchased a 48 foot sailboat and is having a holiday of his own.
2 The grandkidlets are happy to see me and I'm just as pleased to see them. We spend time playing with play dough and hanging out. Izzy likes to say, "I have something to tell you." and then proceeds to babble away about everything under the sun from playing with her dolls, to the bandaid on her toe to her hair and how it's braided perfectly to look like Rapunzel.
3 Kes wakes crying and I come into his room to see him sitting on the side of a very tiny bed. I say, "up" and he puts up his hands and eagerly comes to my arms. We sit together for a long time on the couch and while he sleeps on my shoulder, his mom and I have a chance to catch up.
4 The snowman has lost his face and has his back turned to the house. I quickly put in all the pieces and turn the scarf so he's facing the house. I tell Isabelle that she should check the snowman because something has happened. She runs to the window and looks out to see the snowman looking at her and she's enthralled. She loves it!

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Leonora said...

#3 is Bliss. I love chattering little girls. They have so much to say and really need a kind, listening ear. Who better to indulge their conversation than their grandma?!