Tuesday, 11 March 2014

longer than most, visitor, and more please

1 The day is long. Well, it's not actually longer than any other day but we prune a large tree or two (which is interesting considering we don't know what type of tree it is!), clean up the front entrance way, clean out a small bedroom for carpet removal, sweep, take down shelving, move gardening stuff and oh yes, later he takes a reciprocating saw to the broken hot tub that was left behind. Yes, it was a long day.
2 Chris stops by on his way from an appointment and we have time for him to print out some papers and enjoy a short visit with tea. It was nice to have him pop by. When I first heard his voice and saw him I had a  mom moment. He's my son, all grown up, in suit and tie and so handsome. I think my smile must have covered my entire face!
3 I am addicted to hot and sour soup. It's a serious problem that I hope I can cure but only if I make enough! There's never enough!

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