Sunday, 9 March 2014

early risers, chores, and happy birthday christopher

1 Sunday comes round and we definitely notice the time change. We think we've slept in but, nope! Time to get up and get moving. Nothing leisurely happening today!
2 We putter about fixing this and that and putting things into their places. The master needs a second coat of spackle to cover the nail holes etc and while he's doing this, I tape off all the areas that need it. We stop now and again to look at our handiwork and then we shut the door for the day.
3 The family comes for dinner on Sunday and we have a belated birthday dinner for Christopher. He was away in California for his bday so we have bbq and cake! The grandkidlets especially like the Hershey's chocolate kisses. Kes isn't feeling so well, but manages to keep a sucker in each hand.

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