Monday, 31 March 2014

smells, sun, and bits and pieces

1 The rain smells differently where we live now. Before the semi tropical rain was heavy and cool, but in this desert like climate the rain smells refreshing and clean. I breathe deeply to fill my lungs with it's delightful scent.
2 The sun comes to play with us and we spend time relaxing on the deck and talking about a few projects that need attention. One big one, is pruning or removing a large tree from the kids front yard. It's a very pretty tree, but getting much too big and much too much work for them. Mr P thinks it's a fun thing to do...well really anything with a chain saw or motor is fun for him.
3 Our friend T is doing well. Today he only has us for visitors and we're happy to oblige. He's definitely coming to terms with his situation and is softer in his disposition but we also see our short tempered, talk a lot pal. This is a good thing.

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